Hosting Memorable Open Houses: Tips for Lakeland Property Showings

Hosting Memorable Open Houses: Tips for Lakeland Property Showings

If you're selling or renting out a property in Lakeland, FL, now is the time to up your game when it comes to viewings.

While the region enjoyed a spike in demand during the COVID years, that bubble has well and truly popped. In fact, Lakeland-Winter Haven was recently ranked as one of the areas most likely to undergo significant drops in home prices over the coming year.

Demand has fallen, and there are fewer interested tenants and buyers with a larger choice of properties to look at. If you want to stand out, you need to take your open houses to the next level. With that in mind, here are our expert home showings tips for Lakeland properties.

Take Your Staging to the Next Level

When it comes to open house events, real estate staging is the most important thing to get right.

This is how you arrange a property to maximize its appeal and help prospective buyers or tenants really see themselves living there. It means investing in quality, aesthetic furniture to curate a vibe with instant appeal.

It means investing in curb appeal so that the first impression is always a good one. Curb appeal upgrades do not need to break the bank. Simply power washing the exterior, cleaning the windows, and adding some greenery can and will make a huge difference.

Market Your Property, the Right Way

Even the very best open houses will have little impact if nobody knows the event is even happening. This is where expert real estate marketing comes into play. Let's start with your online listing.

Your listing should leave nothing to the imagination. Include as many high-quality (staged) photos of the property as possible. Include all relevant information in the listing, including local amenities, fees, and transport links.

Use social media to get your listing out there, and make sure your digital communications are targeted to the local community as much as possible. This is how you get a good turnout at your open house events.

Prep Your Property

So you've staged and you've marketed the heck out of the property. Now it's time to prep the place.

Before the first viewers arrive, you want to make sure everything is in perfect condition. Hire professionals to clean and landscape the entire property, leaving no corner untouched.

Remove any and all personal items and make sure there is minimal clutter on the property. If the home requires upgrades, now is the time to make them. Repair those broken appliances, clear the gutters, seal the cracks, and add a fresh coat of paint if needed.

Finally, make sure to create a welcoming atmosphere for the event. Consider playing soft music or adding a pleasant aroma with fresh flowers or baked goods to really maximize the impact of your event.

Open Houses That Get the Job Done

Open houses require time, money, and expertise if you want the event to translate into a sale. For this, we recommend getting local, professional help. At PMI Arrico Realty & Property Management Lakeland, we offer dedicated home staging and open house planning services for Lakeland property owners.

You can find out exactly how we can help you by consulting our Sellers hub. Check it out and give us a call.